Being Modern: MoMA in Paris. The Catalogue.
Being Modern: MoMA in Paris. The Catalogue.

Being Modern: MoMA in Paris. The Catalogue.

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Catalogue of the exhibition "Being Modern: MoMA in Paris" at Fondation Louis Vuitton from 11 October 2017 until 5 March 2018


The Museum of Modern Art, best known as MoMA, was born in 1929's Manhattan from the mind of three female collectors and philanthropists: Lillie P. Bliss, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller et Mary Queen Sullivan.
For almost a century, this iconic institution has remained faithful to its philosophy: providing the US, and now the world, with the best of artistic modernity.
"Being Modern" tells the story of this search for modernity through a selection of artworks presented in the catalogue in chronological order of purchase by the MoMA.

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Languages: English, French
Foreword: Bernard Arnault
Preamble: Glenn D. Lowry
Preface: Suzanne Pagé
With contributions by Quentin Bajac, Michelle Elligot, Glenn D. Lowry and Olivier Michelon
Edited by Quentin Bajac

Number of pages
249 x 313 mm x 210 mm
Fondation Louis Vuitton, Moma
Exhibitions, Being Modern, MoMA in Paris

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