Soustraction, Extraire, Cadrer, Zoomer
Soustraction, Extraire, Cadrer, Zoomer

Soustraction, Extraire, Cadrer, Zoomer

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This work is in connection with the exhibition Soustraction which shows that nothing ever disappears or runs out, and that the archives, even tiny, are always open to the liveliness of a rereading. Valérie Mréjen teaches us here to look at the IMEC collection differently.


The writer and artist Valérie Mréjen attached herself to this part of the archives that she describes as invisible, she retained what is not worth an archive: dried flowers, business cards, lists, diaries, class photographs, series of postcards or papers collected and preserved for no specific purpose. These tiny archives make the richness of a collection. Extracting each piece from its collection, freeing it from its singular history, recomposing series, she finally gave cartes blanches to five writers, Laurent Mauvignier, Tania de Montaigne, Stéphane Bouquet, Bertrand Schefer and Dominique Gilliot.


Colour and black and white illustrations.

Number of pages
260 mm x 200 mm x 15 mm
Sous la dir. de Valérie Mréjen qui s'inspire, pour son travail, de souvenirs, d'événements du quotidien, de détails burlesques et cruels de l'existence, de la folie urbaine. Elle y mélange divers types de récits rapportés ou vécus qu'elle réécrit et réarrange, affectionne le mode documentaire comme une occasion d'enregistrer des paroles et des témoignages. Préf. de Nathalie Léger, Pierre Leroy.
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