Sentir - Ryoko Sekiguchi
Sentir - Ryoko Sekiguchi

Sentir - Ryoko Sekiguchi


"Goûter est un acte qui permet d'assimiler le monde extérieur dans notre corps. Parmi les différents actes du "toucher", goûter est le plus intime, car c'est le monde extérieur qui entre dans notre être."


Feeling is a journey in itself, an adventure for all our senses, and the first that Ryoko Sekiguchi undertakes in the liquid realm, tackling champagne wine.

It all started with her meeting Hervé Deschamps, Cellar Master at Maison Perrier-Jouët (the se- venth since 2011). He revealed to her his passions, his high expecta- tions when it comes to taste, but also his dreams. Everything that enables him to create cuvées, year after year, like a cook assembling the right ingredients for their dish.

Then the sharp-eyed and percep- tive chef Pierre Gagnaire joined the conversation, sharing his skills in delivering tastes and fee- lings born out of the living, the present. The precious insights of botanist Marc Jeanson punctuate the book throughout, matching plants to our sensations in as many vignettes.

Feeling is a journey, taking us through the mental landscapes of taste, from the garden to the table - and the vineyard in between.


language: French
includes 13 herbarium plates from the National Herbarium of the National Museum of Natural History

Number of pages
Number of illustrations
21.5 x 15 x 1.6
Selection of Books, Cooking

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