Je, Gauguin by Jean-Marie Daller
Je, Gauguin by Jean-Marie Daller

Je, Gauguin by Jean-Marie Daller


"An imaginary autobiography, certainly, but not a fanciful one, to which Dallet adds the social context as it appears today in the perspective of history, and where every fact, every turn of events, every misfortune takes on the colour of destiny. Not to mention that the shadow side, the hidden face of all existence, is as if divined through the painter's chronologically revised paintings. And the skill lies in the more vivid illumination of certain moments or aspects, both the period of youth during which Gauguin was "only a scholarship holder almost riding in a carriage, very sullen moreover and who played the brush like others play the mirliton in his spare time", that the final meeting, in Arles, with Van Gogh - that mad brother who put it into his head that for the artist the future lies in these as yet unpainted tropics, whose colours have preserved without doubt the pure brilliance of the origins of the world. "
Hector Bianciotto


French Language

Number of pages
180 x 110
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