The Van Gogh Sisters - Willem-Jan Verlinden
The Van Gogh Sisters - Willem-Jan Verlinden

The Van Gogh Sisters - Willem-Jan Verlinden


We see Van Gogh's story through the eyes and voices of the young women in his family circle.


Willem-Jan Verlinden delves into previously unpublished correspondence in the Van Gogh family archives to bring Vincent's three sisters out from their brother's shadow.
The oldest sister, Anna, worked as a governess in England as a young woman before marrying a Dutch industrialist. It was an argument with Anna, in the aftermath of their father's death, that provoked Vincent to leave the Netherlands and never return. The second sister, Lies, fell into poverty in spite of her literary aspirations and was forced to sell many of her brother's paintings. Willemien, the third sister, was an active participant in the emerging feminist movement. She visited the studio of Edgar Degas in Paris with her art-dealer brother Theo and discussed art enthusiastically with Vincent. She and Vincent also shared their struggles with mental health, which for Willemien resulted in institutionalization for the second half of her life.


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