Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection.
Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection.

Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection.

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Catalogue of the exhibition "Icônes de l'art moderne" at Fondation Louis Vuitton from 22 October until 20 February 2017


The exhibition pays tribute to one of the greatest Art patron of the early 20th century, Serguei Shchukin, the visionary Russian collector of French modern art.

From the end of the 19th century, Serguei Shchukin, the important muscovite industrialist, began to integrate himself into the Parisian arts milieu of the era, which tasked itself with defending the impressionist, post-impressionist and modern movements. Shchukin forged relationships with modern art dealers Paul Durand-Ruel, Berthe Weill, Ambroise Vollard, Georges Bernheim and Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, and celebrated artists Monet and Matisse. These friendships heavily influenced the formation of his collection, which remains one of the most radical art collections of its time.

This catalogue showcases the collection and delves into its cultural background and the part it played in the world of art throughout the period ranging from 1890 to 1914. It encompasses large reproductions of the 160 exhibited pieces as well as a general overview of Shchukin's collection (278 pieces) along with historical facts and descriptions. A chronology of Shchukin's life and times and an anthology of theoretical and critical writings shed light on the way the collection was perceived in Russia. In order to contextualise the presentation of the works, large leaflets reproducing photographs of Troubetskoi palace - where the works were exhibited - were added to the book.



Number of pages
Publication date
300 mm x 280 mm
Édition publiée sous la direction d'Anne Baldassari
Fondation Louis Vuitton, Gallimard
Exhibitions, Icons of Modern Art, the Shchukin collection

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