Les Panoplies (Double-jeu, livre III) : La garde-robe, Le Strip-tease.

In the novel Leviathan, mixing reality and fiction, Paul Auster used episodes from the life of Sophie Calle to create his character Maria. It was a game between the American author and the French photographer and writer. This book is about carrying on the game in her way.
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Cindy Sherman


This little pink book contains two remarkable episodes: "la garde-robe" and "strip-tease". The first one is about this woman meeting a bad speaker and decides to send him, anonymously, every Christmas, a garment of her liking. A tie, socks, a vest, a shirt, up to a pair of Christmas tree-patterned briefs. A dressing that is a subtle and highly suggestive undress. The striptease, the second episode of The Panoplies is that of the narrator, wearing a blonde wig, on the stage of a funfair in Pigalle. Black and white photographs follow the striptease, gesture after gesture.

Description & Features


Colour and black and white illustrations

Sophie Calle is an author, narrator and character of her stories and photographic stagings featuring a large part autobiography. She gained notoriety in the 1990s, in France and the United States, by publishing numerous books at Actes Sud and following the making of her first movie, No Sex Last Night. She is one of the greatest artists of the second half of the 20th century.
Actes Sud
190 mm x 100 mm x 10 mm
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