Qui suis-je ? Le déguisement dans l'art

Every child knows the joy of dressing up. There is a magic in cross-dressing that goes beyond the childish game and which, at all times and in every place, has seduced men. Thus, has drawn in art through the ages, a culture of disguise.
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Cindy Sherman


Through these rich and playful pages, we will discover 45 portraits of men and women - kings, queens, celebrities - adorned with the attributes of another: thus Henry IV imagines himself as Hercules or as Mars, Louis XIV as Apollo, the singer Lio as Madonna, Paul Gauguin as Christ or Schiele as San Sebastian... In this walk in the heart of cross-dressing, children will discover art through an original and playful prism, without the risk of boredom.

Description & Features


Ages 9+.
Colour illustrations.


Christiane Lavaquerie-Klein has a higher training in communication, and specialises in cultural communication. For more than 10 years, she was in charge of communication for the Musée en Herbe et de la Halle Saint Pierre. Today, she writes books on art and great civilisations for children and the general public.
Laurence Paix-Rusterholtz has completed cross-training in art history and educational studies, and has turned to cultural mediation for children and teens. For 10 years, she was in charge of the youth service corps of the Halle Saint-Pierre. Today, she combines the co-direction of L'Ibis and Allegory with the design of games and the writing of fictions and documentaries on art and great civilisations for young people and the general public.
Seuil Jeunesse
289 mm x 221 mm x 13 mm
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