Simon Hantaï. The Centenary of Exhibition - Album & DVD

Simon Hantaï (born in Hungary on 7 December 1922 and died in Paris on 12 September 2008) was involved in several artistic movements (surrealist, gestural, etc.) and claimed various influences (Cézanne, Matisse, Pollock) until he developed "folding as a method" in the 1960s: folded, crumpled, impregnated with colour, unfolded, stretched, the canvas is nourished by this unique path.
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Simon Hantaï, The Centenary Exhibition


The DVD:
- "Simon Hantaï ou les silences rétiniens", a film by Jean-Michel Meurice (documentary, 1976, 58 min., original French version and English subtitles).
- "Des formes et des couleurs" a film by Jean-Michel Meurice (documentary, 1974, 20 min., original French version with English subtitles).
- "Expressions: Simon Hantaï", a film by Pierre Desfons and Dominique Fourcade (documentary, 1981, 15 min., original French version and English subtitles).
The book:
- Works of Simon Hantaï
- Photographs (Hantaï in his studio and at work)
- « Bouquet de fleurs bleues et de fleurs du mal », a text by Georges Didi-Huberman
- « La Chambre devenait de plus en plus petite » interview with Zsuzsa and Daniel Hantaï
- « L'Inestimable » interview with Georges Didi-Huberman
- « Regarder l'œuvre » interview with Alfred Pacquement

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